Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi
The Treaty Of Waitangi was signed in 1840 by the British Crown and Maori Chiefs because it was an agreement to stop lawlessness. The Maori chiefs signed the Treaty because they thought the British would protect them. After the Treaty was signed, more immigrants came and took the Maori land. In 1867, the law was changed and Maori seats were now included but there were only four seats which was not fair to the Maori. By this time most of New Zealand was in European ownership because British immigrants kept coming so the new settlers wanted more land. The Pakeha wanted to break Maori resistance.   

The British Crown and settlers committed group sin against the Maori by dishonoring the Treaty of Waitangi. One Example of this is New Zealand was in European control. Another example of this was British settlers came and took over the land.  

By Hannah


  1. Well done. I like the way you said that the British took over Maori land, you are very accurate.

  2. Good job hannah,nice story,i like the way you told everybody what waitangi and how it happened,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
    By Angel

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