Friday, 1 July 2016

Joan of arc

Joan of Arc

On a sunny day in January 1425 I began working on the farm with my family.  I began to stamp on slushy mud with my pair of green boots and it felt like I was in a jar of blueberry  jam.
When I turned thirteen, I started to hear voices in my head. It was a deep voice.  It was the voice of God, commanding me to disguise myself as a man and enter the war and fight against English for what they did to France.
But I was scared. I was really going to my first war. I practiced my defending and fighting as I did that it began getting dark and my reflection of my shadow was then gone. The sun was hidden behind these black and gray clouds, it seems that it was appearing and hard rain started dripping on me.  I started sweating from my neck to my long legs.  On that dark and stormy night I was dreaming  that I was already in the war frustrated, but I felt like I wasn't ready for this.   I woke with sweat running down on my face and red all over but I knew that God was with me.

The day had come I started to feel my strong heart in my body because I knew that surely God is with me. I start to get ready for the war,  but my face was covered with tears of sadness I just had to leave my family alone at home. As I was there in war, my heart started breaking and I felt like I needed someone from my family by my side fighting but surely God was here by my side. I had a strong feeling inside me that I had to fight bravely for the rights of the people. The english people were fighting with their strength and anger,  hurting hundreds of people in France.
It was time to do this. I fought like thunder.  On that day of war I felt something in me which I didn’t realise. It felt the strength from within because God was with me.

When the English realised that I was the leader of the group they captured me. They started to tie me up with their strength and I felt like I will explode. I felt like my body will break into pieces. I was put onto a pile of sticks and logs and they lit a fire. I said to myself this the end of me and I hope my family will be safe. But it wasn’t the end because I was happily flying to heaven like an angel and to be by God’s side.

By Hannah Maka

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero was a lovely man because he helped the poor people and stepped up for them. He was born in August on 15th 1917 in Ciudad. When he was 11 or 10 years old he went and got an education and it was at Pontifical Gregorian University. The death of his friend changed his life to fighting for the poor with all his love and justice. He became bishop of San Salvador in 1977. After witnessing  abuse of human rights, he began to speak out on behalf of the poor.

Oscar Romero helped the poor people and also care for poor people. He had to fight with the government. The government didn’t want Oscar Romero to spread the Christian message.

Oscar Romero died at San Salvador, he died on 24th of march 1980. He died at Divine Providence church. He died because he was shot by a government assassin while was holding the wine. He was shot in the heart and fell down and blood started dripping from his heart to the ground.

By Hannah